About The North East Fund

The North East Fund is a £120m investment programme available to SMEs across Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Businesses relocating to the area may also be eligible. There are five funds – each with a different investment focus to suit the needs of businesses depending on the sector in which they operate and their stage of development.

We can provide loans or equity investment, ranging from £20k to £1m+ and have cash available to help North East companies sustain their activities and to grow as the Coronavirus pandemic hopefully recedes. Our fund managers continue to work on a socially-distanced basis but are fully operational and can be contacted by phone and email as detailed on each page on “The Funds” tab. Please call or email The North East Fund for informal guidance on what we, and other sources of support and finance, can offer North East SMEs – our contact details are on the “Contact” tab.

Our funds

Innovation Fund

Proof of Concept and Seed Stage companies, average deal size is around £130,000 and £330,000 respectively.


Venture Fund

Designed for start-up companies. Average investment size £500,000. Primarily focusing on equity deals, though debt is available.


Funding for larger companies, via mezzanine instruments. Typical deal size up to £2,000,000.

Growth Capital Fund

Targeting growth companies with difficulty accessing capital through established routes. Typical deal size £285,000. Debt and mezzanine funding.


Small Loan Fund

Can support a wide variety of growth plans and typically advances loans of between £10,000 and £50,000.


If you are based in the Tees Valley, investment funds are available for your business at: www.npif.co.uk

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